A DIY entrepreneur always feels it’s easy to take things in his or her own hand. Doing things on your own give you power and decision making, but sometimes it is better to let go of the hand of an experienced personal in the business.  An expert accountant, or a bookkeeper, knows how to track record of the business activities. Some user’s friendly software such as Quickbooks helps entrepreneurs in managing the records of the business day to day activities; however, even with Quickbooks software, managing the accounts and records wouldn’t be that easy. You must know how to work properly with the Quickbooks software, but you must be getting to your own work and the day has only 24 hours. Why not let certified Quickbooks accountants and bookkeepers to take care of your book records and accounts.

Who should you hire: bookkeeper or accountant?

That depends upon the need of the business and the personal preference of the business people. If your business operates on a daily basis, such as a salon, your books should reflect the payments made by your daily customers to your salon. Day to day recording of the book will be better done with the help of an experience Quickbooks bookkeeper. He/she will make sure that the business runs smoothly and your book records should give you all the details of the business activities. If your business has a bigger scope and auditing is needed on quarterly basis, hiring an accountant would be the best idea in such a case. The accountant will audit your business cash flows, tax payments, profit & loss, and summing up the overall income statement of your business/company.

Why don’t you hire both bookkeeper and accountant?

Yes! It is a great idea to hire both bookkeeper and accountant. It is a great strategy to hire both bookkeeper and an accountant for your business. Corporations and SMEs must hire both bookkeepers and accountants. Some certified Quickbooks Pro advisors are the experts of both accounting and bookkeeping; hiring such individuals will help you in smooth running of yours business daily reports and quarterly financial audits.

When did you need to hire a Quickbooks bookkeeper and accountant?

Entrepreneurs hire accountants and bookkeepers per the need of the business. If the firm expands and number of staff grows 25+, business people start to feel that a bookkeeper will help them for companies’ financial audits. However, people should hire bookkeepers sooner than later. If you have an expert accountant/bookkeeper in your team, you have nothing to worry about recording your financial data; bookkeepers will records all the purchases, sales, receipts, and payments made by the business. And people can rely on accountant for their next month financial audit.